FORGE THE STRONG is a small humble online electronic product supplying company unique in name and unique in products slowly wanting to grow and expand;

Cool gadgets, vanity must haves, Clothing, Home and office accessories, and physical solid products that people would like to buy and cherish in times of abundance during streams of personal income.

We are a jack of all trades master in some trades..... our roots are from the Hispanic heart side of Queens New York

We are striving with due benevolence to be known for the following 4 concepts:

  1. Affordable products 
  2. Customer Satisfaction 
  3. Excellent customer service 
  4. fulfilling orders first come first serve 

With our genuine effort of good Will, 

We try to speak to different suppliers from around the world like; "RUSSIA, POLAND, CHINA, USA, SPAIN, BRAZIL, and JAPAN."

We try from time to time speak to these CEO'S globally via zoom to further gather storage facilities to supply the demand of quality products that people want to have / and need to have. 🏭 

We hope to see you in our site often --- every 2 months we try to update the store with more deliverable products - Share the #STRONG #MENTALITY with your friends via facebook or instagram like us and share us.........

and remember #FORGE THE #STRONG IN #YOU, yes #YOU can #do it!. 🎬

The founder of "Forge the strong" is originally of Ecuadorian ethnicity from a small insignificant town in Ecuador in the heated coast side of Ecuador. This individual hopes to provide customers with cool gadgets, accessories and random products that can fulfill a clients desire.