RETURNS run counter to our emphasis on sustainability and efficient selling every return has a carbon ID footprint so just tell us what went wrong what you didn’t like send a few pictures and will give you your money back in full, then if possible if you desire it you can donate your product to a local neighbor, a needy person, a donation facility, or recycle it as a last resort...

Remember; “it is better to give than to receive” ...... do you remember who was the creator (Author/originator) of those words?

Surely you'd do your diligent

 We do offer a 30 day refund policy and although it rarely happens we are willing to reimburse any product - We want to #FORGE our bond #Strong with anyone around the world so you may recommend us to others ... and please remember keep that mind ! !     #HEADSTRONG 

  Please understand we usually ship from the heart of Mother Russia or from the coasts of Spain delivery usually takes 20-30 days we are as honest as possible with our clients.

If by any chance the consumer is not happy with his/her material object at hand  we are willing to converse via email as well on the reasons for such claim first prior to refunding, we find no humor in gimmicks and are serious about our products. #FORGE THE STRONG !!