Climbing Rope Lifting Sling

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  • Slack Tending Pulley Kit from GM CLIMBING, which contains: 1x 30in 8mm Friction Hitch VT Prusik, 1x 25kN Oval Twist Locking Carabiner, 1x Micro Pulley(according to your choice).
  • Mainly used as core part of doubled-rope technique climbing system (ddrt), also widely use as flip line adjuster. For general pulley system, such kit can also made itself a pulley system with process capture.
  • 30kN Micro Pulley or 20kN Micro Prusik Minding Pulley are chosen for kit, which are compact, light while of high quality. It's easier to install or remove rope from pulley due to swing plates, much facilitating whole set-up process.
  • VT Prsuik with Heat Resistance! 50% Kevlar Fiber is mingled during sheath braiding, adding durability (cord rating to 25kN) and excellent heat resistance for your friction hitch.
  • It's always a good idea to have an oval locking carabiner to use with pulleys, for better balance, also for safer operation.


Climbing  Rope   Lifting Sling  
Type: Carabiners & Quickdraws
Material: high strength aluminum alloy
Size: width 5.7cm/2.24in, height 8.1cm/3.2in

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