Multi-Tool Tactical SHOVEL - ONLY FOR the Strong and the Technical

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default: Folding Shovel Multi-Tool Tactical Portable with Pocket Foldable for Camping Hiking Outdoor Sports
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THIS ONE OF a kind ITEM has: A Shovel, 4 rods, a Magnesium rod, a Window breaker, a Life-saving whistle, and even a storage bag, it also has a  removable shoulder strap

 The Spatula plate, overall shape is cool IT HAS A thicker bar design, to be more robust and durable.

 THREE NEW DESIGNS: The shovel can be adjusted in 5 directions at 180°

To adjust the direction of the shovel, just press the buttons on both sides and rotate gently, which is convenient and quick. The screw is hidden in the tube, so sand or dirt can't get into the tube, avoiding the jam situation. 

IF YOU WANT TO Get rid of the traditional design, it only needs to push the lock button of the pipe to rotate gently to install and disassemble, only needs 1 second, labor saving, convenient and fast.

MATERIAL: High quality high carbon steel and aviation aluminum alloy, high alloy steel material; Surface oxidation rust protection; 

The spatula plate and rod are 0.25 cm /0.1 in of thickness and are strong enough to withstand the most demanding conditions

DIMENSION: Weight is 1.42kg - The length of each rod is 6.9 inches. 

                      The spatula plate is 7.6 inches long and 6.3 inches wide.

                       The shovel can be adjusted to 4 lengths. Multi-function folding tactical shovel, can be used as shovel, hoe, saw, axe, bottle opener, wrench, flint, life guard, broken window, etc.

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