Rock Climbing Hauling Gear

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  • Wide Range of Uses: Suitable for rescue, ice climbing, rock climbing, arborist work, dragging, tensioning system, in rescue, back yard zip line setting, mountaineering, tyro lean, rescue applications tree climbing, zipline sports etc.
  • Safety and Durable: This pulley is constructed with premium aluminium alloy, high strength and excellently durable. Ball bearings and large sheave diameter for high efficiency and smoothness, largely reducing the friction during operation.
  • Smoothly and Efficient: Concave pulley and polished surface for smoothly use with no friction clogging phenomenon, which provides smooth and quick rotation.
  • Easy to Use: Convenient to carry or disposed, as a general pulley for hauling or transporting equipment, CLIMBING Micro Pulley with Fixed Side, holes for easily clipping carabiners, flexible enough for you to set your preferred zipline mode.
  • Strength: Tensile strength 20kN, Suitable for 8-12mm Cable Rope. A great choice for various applications.


Type: Carabiners & Quickdraws
Rock climbing pulley: Mountaineering pulley

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