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Ever since Bukele arrived, El Salvador has been different whether u may like PRESIDENT Bukele or not you can say even while biting through ur teeth that surely God has picked him for this season in these new decades of the 20th first century.

Rumor became a fact, and that fact became a reality.. and it was that a Christian Pastor that had a true Genuine communication with the Holy Spirit prophesied into the life of MR. BUKELE  when he was young and told him that God was going to make him President of EL SALVADOR........... The young Bukele and his young self laughed hysterically and said it was impossible that he barely even had a political Party... that THAT could NEVER HAPPEN!... YEARS PASSED by and GODS word into the life of Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez Did not change nor was the future changed on his behalf to make the Lord of Hosts look bad..... ..

YEARS LATER we have NAYIB BUKELE as one of the best presidents of EL SALVADOR IN THE HISTORY Specifically known for UNITING IN PRISON CELLS the notorious MARA SALVATRUCHAS and the FAMOUS CALLE 18 Notorious deadly CRIMINAL GANGS. 

This sweater is to represent the history in that country. and the way Nayib is BOLD ENOUGH TO talk and give praise to God in public and not hide like a little bi**h about what people might say about him. b/c he is talking and thanking God The Holy one of Israel. and Jesus Christ as well. 

  • 100% Polyester ————— Two side pockets and with color on the inside 
  • Ultra-soft sherpa interior --- Unisex Sizing -- Handcrafted
  • Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

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have more faith #FORGE the STRONG IN YOU!! with #MEEKNESS of speech and with a  humble of #HEART. 

 🛎  #BE HEADSTRONG and #FORGE THE #STRONG inside of you!  Watch it… and fear not, do not falter in adversity surely UR SEASON will change. 🚚

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