Silicone Climbing Shoe Spikes

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1. 24 solid steel teeth are made of super hard steel teeth, which are durable and suitable for a variety of harsh environments
2. It's small and convenient. It's the size of the palm after folding. When you travel, it doesn't occupy a place in the bag. It's very convenient and can be used at any time
3. High safety factor: no matter in the snow, ice or mud, you can walk freely, safely and stably.

  • Also suitable for indoor use in ice and snow weather.
  • Especially suitable for the elderly and children to go out in the snow and ice season
  • Easy to use, easy to carry, lightweight.
  • Light and simple crampons, suitable for outdoor mountaineering



Product: outdoor 24 tooth manganese steel simple ice claw
Specification: m (32-39) l (40-45)
Color: Black
Material: manganese steel teeth + PP webbing + Pt
Weight: 140g
Application: mountaineering, skiing and other outdoor activities
Package Included:
Packing list:
1* Spikes chain
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