Stainless Steel Pet Training Collar for big/small neck DOGS 🏭

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Color: As picture 3
Size: 45cm
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   This cool looking collar comes in 4 different FORGETHESTRONG COLORS for guidance in the size of the collar please see reference pictures. These collars are actually a standard fit for dogs.

We have these pictures portraying Centimeter key value  just know that it means "Size as is" guide yourself in the pictures you wont regret it........ Manage to get this collar on your hand give it as a gift to your PET! and your dog will be looking the coolest one and toughest on the block, rumor has it all you need is to look cool yourself, 

 ☑️ Now fall in love with the pictures portraying the product take your time no rush. Please Kindly select the place (origin) of shipment that product will be shipped from (if it is applicable to this order of course)

☑️ Please understand we usually ship from the heart of mother Russia or from the coasts of Spain delivery usually takes 20-30 days we are as honest as possible with our clients 

  Please Kindly look at all our pictures for the display of this amazing one of a kind product 

Material: Stainless Steel
Material: Metal
Color: Gold/Silver
Fit for: Large Dogs

This product is a one of a kind and it is IN HIGH DEMAND! The price of this product varies because of the COLOR


☑️  Please Kindly select the place (origin) of shipment that product will be shipped from Description of the product ends here: although the following recommendation has nothing to do with the products description, We at the #FORGETEAM recommend you check out "Emmanuel Tv" on youtube just for fun !  ☑️ For the edification and comfort in your personal daily life that you carry out. #BE HEADSTRONG and #FORGE THE #STRONG inside of you!   Keep watching “Emmanuel tv”   ☑️


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