Adjustable Tentacles Shape Phone Holder

Color: Cool Pink Pack
Quantity: 4pc
Sale price$39.99


Get rid of elbow pains and find the best angles 

Product Features: 

STICK IT TOO: Glass, Smooth Sheetrock, Hardwood Floors, laminate floors, vinyl, windows, car windshields, desks, tiles,  Aquarium Glass, and your imagination. 

TiE it TOO: Tree Branches, your hand, Small Trees, your foot, antennas, camera tripods, some street lamps, bicycle, steering wheel, your imagination. 

360° rotation, Easy to carry, easy to use, feel free to deform, Good stability. It is easy to position the phone at the ideal distance and angle for convenient viewing.

  • POWERFUL SUCTION CUP DESIGN The creative suction cup can be strongly absorbed to surfaces described above. 
  • APPLICABILITYApplicable for mobile phone up to 6”(inches) Compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Oneplus, Nokia, Xiaomi, etc.
  •   LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE  Weight on 7oz can be bent to 5”x4”.Easy to carry, save space.

You can tie it to the bedside, backpack, car or bicycle steering wheel. You can put it on a window or wall, you can take it anywhere to do anything, just let your imagination begin. Great for those who are tired of picking up their phones.

The actual phone holder can be rotated to suit your needs, giving you the most comfortable position.

The shaft is fully bendable and you can create awesome shapes such as brackets or selfie sticks. It really is a solution group that can form multiple useful brackets that will improve your overall mobile viewing life experience!

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