Rechargeable Outdoor Waterproof Headlamp (Only for Cool people)

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Color: Purple
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- High brightness, long life, long battery life --- Rechargeable headlights, easy to use and durable environmental protection. (SORRY ONLY ONE COLOR Available for now bright white light purple cast)
-Charged display function, with charging indicator -- Suitable for camping, night fishing, caving, night riding, emergency, hunting and other outdoor activities.
Package Includes in this offer 
1x Headlamp --- 1x USB Cable

Notes about the product:

- Ensure battery has enough power and battery installation is right.

- Fill the battery if don't use for long time, discharge charge the battery every three months.

- Don't put it into water for long times ----  Can not directly illuminate the eyes.

- The voltage should not exceed 4.2V ---  Applying vaseline oil on a O type sealing waterproof ring 2 or 3 times a year.

- Avoid placing in sun or high temperature environment --  Avoid contact with sun, water, chemicals and corrosive gases for long times. 

- Check the positive and negative of the charger when you charge the battery --- Don't use hands and paper clean the lens.

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